• AROSEA to get to know
    AROSEA to get to know
    valid from 10/10/2023 to 13/10/2023
  • Autumn in the Ulten Valley 5=4
    Autumn in the Ulten Valley 5=4
    valid from 18/10/2023 to 23/10/2023
  • Time for us - Your partner pays only the half
    Time for us - Your partner pays only the half
    valid from 05/11/2023 to 12/11/2023
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Tradition and Custom

A holiday in the Ulten Valley means experiencing culture and customs up close. Throughout the entire year there are opportunities to familiarise yourself with the many varied traditions and ancient customs of the local Ulten Valley inhabitants. For religious ceremonies such as the Corpus Christi and Sacred Heart processions the Ulten people wear their best traditional costumes and their bands accompany the long route with popular marching tunes.

Further cultural highlights that take place every year in the Ulten Valley include the ceremonial descent of decorated cattle and horses from the alpine pastures in autumn, the Kuppelwies market in September, where the whole valley meets to trade and haggle, various themed weeks, and the small museums such as the Ulten Valley Museum, where the rural way of life and old handicrafts are depicted.

Of equal importance for both locals and guests alike is the establishment of Ulten's "Winter School". A variety of courses are held here teaching the old handicrafts and production techniques, with the aim of helping the local farmers in the valley to secure an additional stream of income by selling their own products.