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St. Pankraz: the first village of the Ulten Valley

Altitude: 736 m

St. Pankraz is the first village that you pass through on your way into the Ulten Valley, and just driving through its outskirts, you will see that it is worth a second glance. The 56 m high tower of the gothic parish church rises over the village like a protective watchtower. The remarkable paintings and carved wooden holy figures on the church gates are just some of the highlights that the village has to offer its guests.

An additional attraction is the imposing ruined Eschenlohe Castle, which was first mentioned in the year 1164 and was once the seat of the Counts of Ulten. It looms high on a hill above the village and today both the massive keep and the remains of the fortified perimeter wall can still be seen. Anyone who chooses to linger a while in St. Pankraz must also visit the "Häusl am Stein" (House on the Rock), as even by today's standards it is a genuine wonder!

The Ulten Valley was visited by a terrible flood in 1882 which washed away the entire valley floor in one night. Only this single house, which had unwittingly been built on a huge rock, was spared. It's a simply unbelievable sight!