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St. Walburg, in the wonderful landscape of Ulten Valley

Altitude: 1,190 m

St. Walburg, the second and largest village in the valley, is a typical scattered village. The church, which is named after St. Walburga, lies hidden on a hillock beyond the present day village centre. As there was a lack of space for expansion, the village began to grow in towards the valley many years ago.

In the 1960s some of the most attractive and largest farmsteads in the Ulten Valley were forced to give way to the new Zoggler Dam. As well as the parish church, which was first mentioned in 1278, with its gothic choir with ribbed vaulting, baroque high altar and altar painting, places of interest in St. Walburg also include the Wegleithof. The Ulten Valley farmer, Traudl Schwienbacher, has created a little piece of paradise here. The production and dyeing of wool, a breathtaking herb garden and the manufacture of countless homemade products can all be observed directly on site. Nature and pure fascination!