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EU study "Pine" Healthy Living

The materials used for furniture have a bigger impact on body and spirit than was believed up to now. The positive effect of pine wood was scientifically proven for the first time by an EU study, commissioned by the South Tyrolean Farmer's League in cooperation with the Tyrolean Forest Owners Association. A healthy room climate created by the comfortable and relaxing scent of pine is determent for a restorative sleep.

Pine also reduces the heart rate, vitality and the ability to communicate is increased during the course of the day, the physical and mental ability to work under pressure shows an enormous increase, and the effect of a change in weather on the person decreases considerably. Furthermore, pine wood has an anti-microbial effect and inhibits the development of room moths.

All these reasons are responsible for the constantly increasing interest in pine wood, especially in the area of "living". According to research, this noble wood will however especially be employed in the wellness area.