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Herb farmers from the Ulten Valley

The old tradition of collecting herbs or even growing herbs is experiencing enormous growth in South Tyrol. Thanks to the good climatic conditions, more than 120 different medicinal and herbal plants find the ideal environment for their growth. In the Ultimo Valley and in Alta Val di Non alone, five families grow different medicinal and herbal plants according to strict biological guidelines.

The high-quality herbs are exclusively harvested by hand. Later on, they are processed into different aromatic teas, salt, healing unguents, and scenting mixes. The processing of numerous organic products can be observed during visits to these farms. Furthermore, the products can be directly purchased at the respective farms

Fam. Schwienbacher
Wegleithof 315
39016 S. Valburga/Ultimo
Tel. + 39 0473 795386

Fam. Gamper
Ludlhof 117
39016 S. Valburga/Ultimo
Tel. +39 0473 795134

Fam. Lösch
Zum Oberen Hof 17
39010 St. Nicolo-Pracupola/Ultimo
Tel. +39 0473 799058

Fam. Berger
39010 S. Nicolo/Ultimo
Tel. +39 0473 790252

Fam. Weiss
Koflhof 35
39010 S. Felice/Alta Val di Non
Tel. +39 0463 886219